Meet our furry friends who inspired each of our unique breeds!
JJ: Great Dane
JJ was a Harlequin Great Dane who loved nothing more than to be with his mom, and Dog On It's owner, Julie! As a Canine Good Citizen, he was on the hospitality team at his mom's office, loved to volunteer at church, and helped start up a local business. JJ’s favorite meal was meatloaf with baked sweet potatoes and green beans and his favorite treat was whipped cream, straight from the can! He loved to “go” anywhere and would make himself fit in any size vehicle to do so. He enjoyed long walks, short naps, and neighborhood-watching from the bedroom window. JJ's legacy lives on through Dog On It and he remains the sparkle in Julie's eye.
Mr. Ears: Chihuahua
Mr. Ears is our paw-some, energetic ChihuahuaHis friends call him "Mr." for short, and his dad calls him Pigletbut he doesn't mind. His hobbies include eating, sleeping, hanging with his human baby sister, Francia, & going to Wal-Mart. He also loves to dress up and play with his furry sister Molly, also a Chihuahua.


Bud: Dachshund
Bud has been a member of the Wiseman family for many years. His claim to fame is surviving brain surgery after being kicked in the head by a horse when he was 6 years old. Bud's best buddy when he was younger was a scruffy little rescue puppy named Roscoe. For about three years, Bud and Roscoe spent every day together running around, digging holes, and playing in our neighborhood. He’s an incredibly important spunky member of his family and we adore him!
Copper: Beagle
Copper has never met a person who he didn’t love! He is named after the Disney classic, The Fox and the Hound. He eats anything that is put in front of him and tries to bury his bones in the couch or carpet for safe keeping. He always sleeps under the covers at the foot of of his human's bed, snoring like a grown man! He loves car rides, taking long walks in the woods, and chasing squirrels. He’s the perfect docile, loving addition to his family!
Millie: Poodle
Millie is our beautiful standard poodle whose been loved by our family for several years. Millie loves looking out the window and watching the birds fly by. Her favorite trick is roll over, but she only does it for a peanut butter snack!
Stonie: Rescue Puppy
Stonie spent the first 4 months of her life homeless, roaming around the streets in North Carolina. After being caught by animal control, she was brought up to Washington, have a better chance at adoption. It just so happened that she arrived at the Humane Society the same day that her human began searching for her first dog. Her human swears that after peering into her crate and seeing her amazing eyebrows, she was hookedStonie is an extremely loving, yet protective pal, loves food more than anything, and absolutely hates the rain.
Kassie: Golden Retriever
Kassie Jersey Ryan came home when she was only 7 weeks old, and has been inseparable from her human ever since. This princess pup is loyal, loving, and incredibly smart. She loves doing tricks, but only for high quality treats! Her favorite things include food of any kind, snuggles, and her best friend and stuffed animal, Dragon.
Sammy: Boston Terrier
Sammy is the face of our Boston Terrier! His favorite pastimes include ripping squeakers out of his toys, and going for rides on the lawnmower. He’s smart and very affectionate, but also has quite a mischievous side! He was once given a citation by the city for being a “public nuisance” after repeatedly stealing and hiding the neighbors’ newspapers, chasing off garbage trucks, and running after children on bicycles. Sammy is a friendly loving dog, and just wantto play with anything and anyone he meets.
Olee: Mini Doodle
Olee joined our family right after his human returned from studying abroad in South Africa. Hepicked the name Olee because of its African meaning, translating to “happy moment.” Some days Olee acts more like a bunny than a dog. He’s so tiny that you wouldn’t even notice him if he wasn’t hopping around! He loves learning tricks, and our favorite is when he jumps through a hula hoop. He loves peanut butter, his sock monkey, and digging holes at the beach!
Charlie: Goldendoodle
Charlie is our favorite Goldendoodle! When she was very young, she developed cataracts over her eyes, almost causing her to go blind. Fortunately, she had surgery to help fix the problem and now has the majority of her sight back! She loves to play and run around outside. She also LOVES people and jumps on anyone who walks through the door. Charlie is a big snuggle bug and can usually be found lounging in the grass or on someone’s bed.
Sadie: Labrador
Our “Sadie Dog” is no longer with us, but she captured our hearts during her 13 years of life. She was a black Labrador Retriever rescue who loved to eat anything and everything she could get her paws on; corn cobs, chocolate cake, even whole blue crabsWe joke that she had to have Teflon coated intestinesIn her younger years, she was a drama queen and would “plop” on the floor if she didn’t want to go where we told her and hide her head under the bed if she was ready to go to sleep and we still had on the bedroom lights. Even as she got older, until the time she died, Sadie would let small children sit on her back like she was their horse!
Cleo: Boykin Spaniel
Cleo was born on the banks of Lake Wateree near Camden, SC. She was named after the original Wigl-Lure made by the Acme Tackle Co. since 1953.  She is an amazing retriever and Frisbee catcher. In true Boykin Spaniel fashion, she is everyone’s favorite “Little Brown Dog”.
Duke: Bulldog
Duke is “in charge” of a large estate and definitely lives like royalty. He makes sure all the floors are still cool, the furniture is still comfy, and the meals are prepared just right!  Although he keeps a sharp eye on all that goes on outdoors, Duke prefers to manage the day-to-day business inside the home…he leaves the heavy lifting to his Mastiff sister. As is typical for his breed, Duke is a master-snorer, an accomplished drooler, and a frequent user of the minty Tic-Tac.