National Dog Day!!!

National Dog Day!!!

I don’t know about you, but I am so excited to celebrate today! I am utterly obsessed with my dog, and to me, nothing is better than having a whole day dedicated to celebrating my baby boy. Before I get started on ways to celebrate National Dog Day, I want to tell you a little bit about Diesel, my five-year-old Boxer. 

Everyone always asks if I have a dog, and as soon as I hear the question, I just get so excited because I have the chance to talk about him. To me, he’s the cutest dog ever (but what owner doesn’t say that?!). Diesel is pretty small for a Boxer, but he’s not miniature if that makes sense. He has the cutest tail and a double underbite! My sweet boy was adopted on Valentine's Day in 2015 (he turned five this year). His favorite snack is a treat dipped in peanut butter, and he loves going to day camp! But enough about Diesel lets get started on ways to celebrate National Dog Day!

  1. Go to the dog park and have a playdate!

Dogs love to run and play! Grab a friend and have a play date at your nearest dog park!

  1. Grab a Puppuccino from Starbucks!

To all my fellow coffee lovers, grab a coffee, and get a treat for your dog at the same time! Starbucks has small cups of whipped cream that’s a perfect sized treat for all dogs!

  1. Have a photoshoot with a cute bow or bandana!

There's always time to take pictures of your dog! If you have cute accessories, style them up and snap a few pictures!

  1. Yappy Hour at Jake’s Bar and Grill!

If you’re local in Columbia, SC, you probably already know about Jake’s Yappy Hour! With a fenced-in outdoor patio, owners bring their dogs to run and play while they can catch up and have a drink!

  1. Make dog treats together!

Our last blog post has 5 Simple Treats to Make with Your Pup! Just scroll back and use one of our recipes!

  1. Show them how much you love them!

All the cuddles and scratches should be given today! Make sure you tell your dog how much you love and appreciate them!

  1. Donate to a shelter or even adopt a dog!

There are still good boys and girls that are out there all alone and need all the love they can get. Contact or visit your local shelter to see if there is a dog that you connect with! It’s never too late to find a best friend!

  1. Go shopping for new toys!

You can NEVER have too many toys! Or blankets! Or treats! Or even beds! Take your dog to the store and spoil your baby!

  1. Teach your dog a new trick!

They say you can’t teach an old dog new tricks?? Well, maybe with the right amount of treats and patience, you can!

  1. Buy a DogOnIt t-shirt to celebrate!

Wear The Love with our soft t-shirts! Celebrate your dog every day, not just today!

Well, guys and gals, I hope these ways to celebrate come in handy! Send us pictures to show how you celebrated, and we will feature you on our Instagram @YourDogOnIt ! We hope to see all types of ways, and if you came up with something else, lets us know so we can celebrate with you!

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