Fostering a Dog: My Experience and How To

Times are a bit lonely right now and who knows how long this quarantine will last. One great idea if you are looking for a companion for a while is to look into fostering a dog. It is so easy and insanely rewarding. In today’s post, I’m going to take you through my foster experience and how you too can help a pup out that is in need. 

During my sophomore year of college, my roommate Serena and I really wanted a dog, but, like other intelligent parents, ours weren't too thrilled about this idea. A few of our friends had fostered dogs before so we looked a little deeper into it. We researched places in our area and picked one we thought would be best. We chose to look into Pawmetto Lifeline, if you are in the Columbia, SC area, you may have heard of them before. 

First, we were required to fill out some paperwork and sign up for a free training course on fostering. This course consisted of a lecture on how to care for the animals, all the rules and regulations, and just basic information on the pets that they rescue. After this, we were all set to foster! But, this was the hardest part for us- picking out a dog we connected with. 

We waited and waited on the Facebook page for a dog we thought would fit our needs to come up. It was right before Thanksgiving that we saw Bowser, a mixed black lab male about a year old. We knew with his sweet eyes and face that he would be the one. We brought him home the Monday after Thanksgiving. 


Pawmetto makes it so easy to foster. Being college students, Serena and I did not really have any supplies for the dog. Pawmetto provided a crate, towels, toys, food, a leash, food bowls, etc! Bowser was all set to go when we picked him up which made the whole process seamless.

Throughout the three weeks we cared for Bowser, he taught us discipline (us college students were not used to waking up before 9am or taking care of anyone but ourselves), structure, and so much love. There were so many days where I came home from class to Bowser smiling at me waiting to play or cuddle. I really got to see what it was like to have major responsibilities which was so rewarding and taught me lessons I’ll carry with me forever. 

When it came time for us to bring Bowser back to hopefully get adopted, Serena and I were devastated. However, we knew it was time for him to have a permanent family. Bowser was a blessing and I hope you all get to have a similar experience having a foster of your own.

Requirements for fostering at Pawmetto:

  • Complete a Foster Application
  • Have the consent of your landlord
  • Have your own pets current on their vaccinations
  • Be at least 21 years of age

Visit Pawmetto and learn more about the process at

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