Best Spots to Take Your Dog in Columbia

Ever run out of ideas to entertain your dog? It can be easy to get in a rut of taking them to the same park or on the same walk every day. Our dogs have so much energy and are eager to explore! Take your dog to some of these unique spots in Columbia for a change! 

1. NoMa (North Main) Bark Park


NoMa Bark Park is the perfect place to give your dog a sense of community. Through a monthly membership fee, you will have access to a 2 acre paradise for your pup. It is located just off of North Main Street in Earlwood Park. All dogs are welcome here as there are separate spaces fenced off for dogs of all sizes! Other amenities include benches, running water, tennis balls, and more! Safety is key at NoMa, as there are a strict set of rules to ensure the well being of all dogs is prioritized at all times. Check it out today and head on over to their website!

2. Yappy Hour at Jakes

Jakes is THE place to take your dog in 5 Points. Amazing atmosphere, great crowd of people (and dogs), live music, giveaways, drink specials, and more! Every Tuesday and Thursday from 4-9, Jakes invites you and your furry gang to come hang out of the back deck with access to water and treats. Stop by for a great time guaranteed!

3. Soda City

Soda City is arguably the most dog populated place in Columbia every Saturday. From 9:00am-1:00pm, Main Street is filled with people and their dogs of all kinds. Vendors line both sides of the street offering cuisines anywhere from Mexican to Mediterranean and refreshments including coffee, juices, local draft beer and mimosas. Dogs are encouraged at Soda City and fit in quite nicely with the amount of dog themed vendors like Wag More Dog Collars to our very own Dog On it. Make sure to check out the fun next Saturday!

4. Publico Brunch 

We bet you already knew Publico was a great spot for dinner or even brunch, but we bet you didn’t know that they have a Puppy Menu! That’s right, they have a menu especially for your dog full of clean and yummy meals for your dog to enjoy. That’s not even the best part, all proceeds from the Puppy Menu go to SQ Rescue, a nonprofit which helps home abused and abandoned animals. Publico's back yard is perfect to bring your dog on a nice Sunday morning!

5. Wag-a-long Wednesday 

Are you a baseball fan? Well you’ve come to the right place because our local Firefly semi-pro team’s stadium, Segra Park is now dog friendly (on Wednesdays)! Every Wednesday they welcome you to bring your dog to Wag-a-long Wednesday,  

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