Best Apps for Dog Owners

You know what they say, it takes a village to raise a new pup. Luckily, there are several apps at your fingertips to help make being a dog owner just a little bit easier. We listed a few of our favorites that you should check out! 

  • Dogo
  • Dogo is an app that makes training a breeze. There are over 60 commands and tricks to teach your pup. The app serves as a clicker and trains your dog to associate the sound with a reward. It has a variety of quick training sessions that finish with an exam, making sure your dog has fully learned the commands. Also if you ever need help, there are dog experts available that you can chat with! Perfect for any new dog owner, or for an old dog that might want to learn a few new tricks. 

  • Rover
  • Going away for the weekend? Have a long day at work and have to leave your pup home alone? Rover is the perfect app for you. It connects you with dog sitters and walkers available in the area. Through the Rover app, you can receive photo updates from the caregiver, track your dog’s walk, and securely book and pay. Know your dog is in good hands and come home to a wagging tail.

  • IKibble
  • Do you have a dog that is always on a mission to swipe food from your plate or dog into anything left on the table? IKibble is the perfect app for you. It allows you to check the safety of almost any food and tells you what foods are actually good for your dog. So the next time you spill blueberries on the floor, don’t worry because IKibble says they are safe for dogs and may even help the pancreas!

  • BringFido
  • The best travel buddy is obviously your dog! BringFido makes it easy to bring your furry friend on any vacation you may have by allowing you to search for the perfect dog-friendly hotel. You can scroll through photos, reviews, and compare rates. You can also pay directly on the app making BringFido a one-stop-shop. So pack your bags and grab your pup because it’s time for a vacay. 

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