Fun Things To Do With Your Dog At Home

With everything going on, you may be spending a lot more time with your dog at home. We came up with a few fun ideas of things you and your pup can do to keep busy!

Teach Your Dog a New Trick

Now is a great time to teach your dog a new trick or two. Some to add to your list are rollover, shake, spin, and speak! A few training tips are to keep your sessions under 10 minutes, practice once or twice a day, and use small treats as a reward for good behavior. Who says you can't teach an old (or young) dog new tricks?

Go For a Walk

It's important during this time to get outside and get fresh air. Taking your dog to a local park or on a walk or hike are great ways to get moving. Bring along a ball or frisbee for some extra fun!

Make Homemade Dog Treats

Get creative in the kitchen! There are so many recipes online to make healthy and delicious dog treats. Stay tuned, in our next blog-on-it we are going to be sharing some of our favorites!

Stuffed Kong 

A stuffed kong is a great way to keep your dog occupied. Just fill it with a snack such as peanut butter or a treat and your dog can have fun trying to get it out. If you don't already have a stuffed kong, we've listed a few below you can order online!

Doggie Spa Day

Instead of going to the groomers, pamper your pup with an at-home spa day! Give your dog a bath at home so he or she is fresh and clean! You can also brush out their coat or even add a bandana!   


We hope you got some ideas of different things to do with your dog at home. Send us a picture on Instagram if you give any of these a try, and stay tuned for our next post in which we will share our favorite dog treat recipes! 


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